Disinfecting During the Coronavirus

David Short |

With coronavirus (COVID-19) cases active across the U.S., medical experts are reinforcing the importance of keeping your hands away from your face to prevent spread of the virus. But did you know that most of us touch our faces every two to five minutes during waking hours? That’s about 280 times a day, and we all know old habits die hard. So, what are some other ways to keep yourself healthy?

Experts say frequent, thorough hand washing is most important. Next, sanitizing household surfaces and in the workplace using diluted bleach solutions, alcohol with at least 70% concentration or EPA-registered disinfectants should do the trick. But many of us are struggling to do even that, with those materials mostly sold out or available only at high prices. Still, there’s one great solution left, touted by medical professionals, equally powerful, readily available and much easier on the wallet: good old-fashioned soap!

Experts say soap works so well because viruses are sticky, like glue. Soap and water help loosen the “glue” and kills the outer layer of the virus, destroying the cell so the germs can be washed away. Yes, the more expensive chemical solutions work, but why stress over finding them or spend a small fortune on fancy disinfectants? Instead, save money and time. Choose soap!

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