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Investments & Financial Planning LLC is a full-service investment advisory and financial planning firm with over 30 years of combined experience.

We empower our clients with the resources, information and investment platforms they require to help them achieve their financial goals. This approach is in line with our core objective for our business: To create extraordinary experiences by servicing others.

The products and services offered by banks, broker-dealers, and insurance companies have become more and more complex. This has made financial decision-making more challenging.

As a predominantly fee-based firm, we aim to help our clients understand all their options before they make any decisions. This enables our clients to secure a sustainable financial future for themselves, their families and their businesses.

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Investment and Asset allocation planning

We are a full-service investment advisory firm. From actively- and passively-managed mutual funds to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), we are not restricted to a limited number of investment options available in the market. There are many different approaches to the investment planning and asset...

Fee-based Financial Planning

We offer fee-based financial planning for those clients who do not have the desire for ongoing advice and asset management. This service is based upon an hourly rate or a fixed planning fee. If you prefer discretion with how your money is invested, but still seek professional advice, this may be the...

Education Planning

Higher education is often one of the most expensive and vital investments our clients make. Saving for education should be convenient, so we select plans that allow our clients to contribute automatically on a monthly or discretionary basis. We know that when it comes to creating and preserving...

Retirement Planning

As a firm, we take a long-term view of our clients’ retirement plans by creating financial roadmaps that address specific goals and objectives. Periodical reviews allow room for adjustments along the way, ensuring their finances stay on track. We offer access and advice regarding Traditional and...

Tax planning for retirement

We understand that tax planning changes throughout retirement and that taxation isn’t as simple as a mere tax bracket. You need a trusted guide that helps you avoid retirement surprises such as inflation, longevity, expenses and health care. We understand why you need to see what your “after-tax”...

Estate planning

Your estate matters might not be as transparent as you think. While you may have had documents prepared to ensure the resolution of your estate runs smoothly in the event of your passing, you might not have correctly re-titled assets or updated your chosen beneficiaries. Insufficient planning can...

Comprehensive Insurance Planning

Preparing and planning for the uncertain events that sometimes occur in life can help make the situations more manageable if they do happen. We believe life, long-term care, disability, and health insurance products are worthy of consideration when preparing for the possibility of these...

Charitable gifting strategies

Gifting one’s assets or a portion of one’s income to charitable organizations is often a very personal, discrete matter. That said, seeking independent financial advice enables you to better structure your charitable gifts, so everyone involved can benefit over the long term. For example, it’s...

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