• How can I go paperless?

    Contact a Client Liaison in order to enroll in paperless delivery for account statements, trade confirmations, and tax forms. 

  • How do I view my accounts online?

    If your account is held at TD Ameritrade, you will log in through Orion by visiting our website and clicking the "Client Login" tab. Contact a Client Liaison and they will provide you with additional log in instructions. If your account is held at American Funds, you will visit capitalgroup.com/individual/.  

    If you are unsure where your account is held, please contact a Client Liaison for further assistance. 

  • What do I do if my address, phone number or email address has changed?

    Contact a Client Liaison and they will assist you in updating your information in our records and those of the establishment where your accounts are held. If paperwork is necessary, we can send you forms to your mailing address or to your email electronically, if the option is available.